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Vehicle Tracking System

Vehicle Tracking System

Key Features:
• Vehicle Identification from a distance (5-6 meters) with owner/driver information on screen for next level authentication and audio-visual output for security guard.

• Works as Quick access control & Real Time Information available on screen at any given point.

• Secure, efficient and accurate in identification of vehicle with cost effective equipment’s.

• Increases vehicle turnaround time on automatic identification and notification whenever vehicle enter or exist.

• System will best performance in all weather conditions with IP rated devices.

• Eliminate manual record entry.

• MIS reports for vehicle/activity/alarms/alerts with multilevel search and filter criteria.

• Avoid the unauthorized vehicles entry inside as well as exit with registered users screening.

Automatics Solution
• Fully Automatic System to track vehicle in & out.
• Tracks Unlimited number of Vehicles
• Can conveniently read long range and identify vehicle.
• Direct Control of Relays/Gates
• Secure, efficient and accurate in identification of vehicle.
• Automatic identification and notification whenever vehicle enters or exit.
• Data can be captured even vehicle is on the move.
• Tags can carry the important data apart from the identification.
• Location wise vehicle identification
• Avoid the unauthorized vehicles entry inside the premises.
• Multiple Vehicles cab be assigned to unique and reusable Tag IDs on a single mouse click
• Live display of Vehicles during In and Out with Images of Vehicles and Users. 24/7 continuous real time tracking.

Export / Import:
• Detailed data importing and exporting tools included using Microsoft Excel.
• Multiple Vehicles can be imported on a single click with pre-assigned unique tags.

Report Generation
• User friendly Report Generator with custom report generation with flexibility to select user defined criteria.
• Charts and Graphs can be generated accordingly.
• Flexibility to modify and save all reports in a variety of formats for future reporting sessions.

Data Security
• Guarantees data autonomy through password protection.

• Can be easily integrated with new Hardware (Readers) and existing environment (LAN).
• Fully integrated with RFID Technology.

Data Backup
• Provides Automatic and Manual backup facility.

• Flexibility to work with multiple readers at a time.
• System is flexible to allow a human interference, if necessary, to be able to accommodate unusual events such as when the non‐tagged vehicles enter.

Quick and Advanced Search
• Provides Quick and Advanced Search facility for a particular user with flexible criteria selection.
• Facility to search a particular Vehicle or User with all available fields.
• Sorting option is also provided to sort according to the selected field to easily locate the required information.

Alerts and Alarms
• Warranty, Maintenance and Expiry dates are maintained and Alerts and Alarms are given to user accordingly.
• SMS and Email alerts.
• Alerts if a vehicle is in parked in a location without permission or is parked for a long time.
• Alerts if a visitor vehicle is inside the premises for more than the permitted time.

• Provides User defined Category types for easy Identification.

Images and Photos
• Unlimited Photos and Images can be added to Vehicles for easy identification and representation (In .jpg or .gif format).
• Facility to capture photo of Vehicle or User with Live Camera.

Image Pop Up
• Auto Image Pop Up facility for the online Vehicle or User.

Parking Tickets
• Any parking lot owner can issue the unused parking lots for chargeable basis.
• The system would send notification regarding the parking lot schedule to the owner. (i.e. the date and time and the number of hours the parking lot is booked.)

• A detailed report of the number of hours a parking lot has been used would be sent to the owner along with the charges due to the owner.
• The system would also keep track of the payment made to the parking lot owner.

• A pre-paid parking account would be created for the user.
• A detailed report for the number of hours the user has parked his vehicle in the premises would be sent to the user.
• The system would also keep a track of the payment history from the user for the payments made by him.
• The system would automatically assign a new free parking lot if the existing parking lot used by the user is blocked by the owner.

Driver Management
• The module would be able to register driver information.
• The system would track driver employment data eg: employee number, driver licence no, renewal details and certifications.
• Drivers can be assigned for vehicles.
• The system can also validate / record the details of the driver and vehicle by providing a UHF RFID ID Tag to each Driver.
• Reports for the vehicle would include the driver details for each trip.
• Individual reports could also be taken for the Drivers to records the number of vehicles or trips he has taken.

Vehicle Maintenance:
• The module track vehicle maintenance information such as Service Schedules, Pollution, insurance or other certification and their expiries.
• The system would issue notifications to the owner of the vehicle for expiry of certifications or service schedules.
• System would track the entire history for maintenance and certificates.
• Report for each vehicle with their maintenance details could be taken.

• Our system can trigger a boom barrier or Surveillance Cameras or both if available.

VTS Releases – Comparison Chart

Feature VTS – Bronze VTS – Silver VTS – Gold
Automatic Solutions Yes Yes Yes
Export / Import Yes Yes Yes
Report Generation Yes Yes Yes
Data Security Yes Yes Yes
Integration  Yes Yes  Yes
Data Backup Yes Yes Yes
Flexibility Yes Yes Yes
Quick & Advance Search Yes Yes Yes
Alerts & Alarms/  Yes Yes Yes
Categories Yes Yes Yes
Images & Photos Yes Yes Yes
Image Popup Yes Yes Yes
Parking Ticketing Yes Yes
Driver Management Yes
Tele – Support 6 Months 1 Year 1 Year