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Asset Management System

Asset Management System

RFID & Barcode Based Asset Traking / Management System for Fixed & Moveable Assets

Our Asset Management System – Overview

Data Collection Module

Asset Information:

The asset information for our Asset Management System is received from SAP through .xls file or by providing these on a temporary database. Our software would be able to update this information from the Excel File or by picking it from the temporary database.

Information to SAP from our system.

Information from our Asset Management system which is necessary would be passed to SAP by creating a shared Database.

Registration Process

• A UHF Mount on Metal RFID Tag is mounted on each existing machine and on every new machine that is brought in.

• A Hand Held RFID Reader is provided to assign the tag to the machine. The process is defined below:

• The asset database is passed on the Hand Held RFID Device through the system, the device will have the following information stored in it

o Asset IT
o Machine Name:
o Owner of the Asset
o Asset Location

• The user reads a tag, then selects the asset in the hand held device and then assigns the tag to the machine.

• The system assigns that particular RFID Tag to the selected Asset.

• The assets would also be classified as

• Indoor Assets
• Outdoor Assets
• Transferable
• Non – Transferable
• Classified
• Top Classified

• Our Asset Database would have the following records at any given time:
o Purchase Information
o Warranty Information
o Supplier Information
o Service Contractor Information
o Service Contract History
o Repairs History
o Refurbishments History.
o The RFID Tag history (no of tags that were assigned to it prior.)
o List of assets under a particular owner / division.

Asset Auditing

• To take stock of the inventory within a particular plant, the user would have to walk near the assets with the Hand Held RFID Device.

• The device captures all the RFID Tags which are available within a specified range.

• The RFID Tags read by the device will be stored in the device and synced with the server as soon as the device is brought to its docking station / cradle connected to a PC.

• The Auditing Module would provide the following reports:
o Date & Time of Audit
o Plant at Which Audit was conducted.
o The total no of assets that are assigned to that plant.
o Total no of missing assets, if any.

Transfer of asset from one location to another.

• The user scans the machine’s RFID Tag and then updates the Transfer Location information to the system. The transfer locations would also be available in the database and could be accessed via a pull down menu. Provision for manual entry will also be provided.

• The change of location information could also be updated via the PC interface of the software.

• As soon as the transfer is initiated the owner of the asset will receive an email notification.

Transfer of Asset ownership.

• The asset ownership information could be changed using the PC interface of the software.

• The asset could be transferred from one owner to another.

• The asset could be transferred for Service Contractor, when it has to be taken for Service.

• As soon as the transfer is initiated the owner of the asset will receive an email notification.

Label Generation Module:

• Labels could be generated using unique Barcode ID for Each Asset. The labels would also have the asset information like:
o Barcode Id
o Asset Type
o Asset Location
o Asset Owner
o Service Contract
o Support Numbers

User Access Module

• The entire application would be built based on Multi Level Access System. User Groups could also be created and provided specific rights.